Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Day of Camp 2008!

Thank you for praying for Camp Sagitawa this summer. God has answered:
Many campers have made the decision to follow Christ.
Over 700 campers came through the programs.
We had great, warm weather so all programs could run as scheduled.
We had the staff needed to run the programs, and a place for each of them to stay.
We had 3 staff in the kitchen all summer, along with helpers that were needed.
God gave safety, and those who were hurt are doing well.
God gave strength, encouragement, & enthusiasm, which came in many ways & from many sources.
God provided finances for staff so they could be here all summer.
Family Camp begins tomorrow. We are trying a new idea - a week-long family camp. Pray that it goes smoothly and that we have enough help.
PR3, the final SWAT trip of the year, begins tomorrow. Pray that they will have a good, safe trip.
Please pray for those of us who will be staying to carry on the programs after everyone else leaves.
Please continue to pray that God will provide for the Staff Bursary Fund. Since we did not get any student placement working grants this year, those students are also applying for bursaries. As a result, we are $15,000 short in comparison to the average of what each person received last year.
Flight expense for SWAT Staff...
Naomi had the opportunity to travel to Ottawa with family in July, but decided to stay several weeks longer to help with SWAT and other camp needs. I encouraged her to do this because of her first aid training, and felt that it would be cheaper to purchase a plane ticket than to pay a first aid attendant for half the SWAT trips. Our transportation expense policy falls short by $450. Maybe someone would like to send a cheque to assist. (Sorry, Camp cannot receipt it and it has to be addressed to her.)

See you next summer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday - Day 4 of S1 Camp

It has been drizzling fairly consistently today, so many activities have been altered to accommodate the rain. But while it may be a little wet out, that hasn't stopped the campers and staff from having the BEST WEDNESDAY EVER!

Since it has been raining, our media team has been forced to remain inside and work on the journal and DVD of memories from the week. The journal includes 8 pages of photos from the week, and the DVD is a 35 minute video of fun and wacky moments from this week. At Five ($5) dollars for each respectively, its a great deal to have some photo and video memories from the week. Its definitely been the best summer ever!! Pick up one of each tomorrow when camp ends!

(We've been having some difficulties with our internet, so unfortunately, we cannot post the picture of the day. Sorry!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

SWAT Returns!

Early this afternoon, the SWAT group returned from their hike that went over the weekend. You could barely notice the dirt on them due to their huge smiles! They had a great time!

Here was their group shot before they left:

When they got back, the group thought it was a good time to kick back and have some fun on the water trampoline on the lake!

Keith, the SWAT Director, was quite proud of his "hat hair" from the trip!

What a fun trip!

Monday - Day 2 of S1 Camp

Today cabin groups got to enjoy CIA (Cabin Interest Activity) where each cabin got to go do an activity somewhere in the camp.

Some set their sights on archery (pardon the pun), others stretched to make it to the climbing wall (again, excuse the pun), and some just hung out in the field playing various games.

This is the last week of campers this summer, and there is quite the buzz in the air. We are going to finish the summer with a bang!!